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2 days ago

How often do you have to send a person from the shop out to your crew/s with forgotten equipment from the initial load out? We call it “redeliveries”.

We run 7 box trucks and multiple pickup trucks 7 days a week. We constantly have forgotten equipment, even when we are using a check list for loading. We are still on pencil and paper packing slips but trying to go digital.

What ideas do you have to prevent redelivers from occurring?? TIA.
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Staging area? Double check list

We systemized everything with checklists and also backups of multiples that stay in the trucks if we have them available. Been many times we've grabbed backups out of the trucks instead of running back to the shop

We use a program called Event Wizard and it has a complete loading sheet (down to motors, weight bags, etc) for each job. They highlight each item as it goes on the truck. Usually 2-3 jobs on each 15’ box truck. Rarely is anything missed.

Way more often than I would like to admit.

Better employees that actually care about there job and doing stuff 1 time the righht way .

Nowhere near your level, but how about making the driver responsible and have to physically touch each item from the checklist as it is checked off?

We have it happen on occasion. We also have every truck and trailer outfitted with 50 and 100 ft cords, plenty of stakes and hammers. That way all the guys have to do is grab blowers and the units for the most part. Which minimizes me having to go bail them out!

When it gets busy and the shop is disorganized is when I think we forget most the time. I try to keep everything in its place and always take extra. I seen a post where they used 4” pipes on their trailer to keep the stakes. Definitely going to use that approach. Happens more than I like and sometimes something so little as a soaker hose but yet so important. 

Catherine Rumain

We require the loaders to check each other's load and then delivery team to check the load again..then the cost of missing items comes out their monthly bonus....now they pay attention

At least once a week. Small items we UBER to the site if we can. Otherwise larger items we’ll have them do at the end of the day

It happens once in a while - usually the one time I think I don't need to check the packing list because I'm "sure" everything is there. We had a debacle this weekend with a bunch of missing things because we had stuff going on and were disorganized. We just sat down last night and decided to do a double check of the checklist for every event, meaning 2 people go through it instead of just one. We're hoping that helps.

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22 hours ago

… when you drive like you’re pulling a trailer even when you’re not pulling a trailer … it’s been a long season already 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

… when you drive like you’re pulling a trailer even when you’re not pulling a trailer … it’s been a long season already 🙂

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Sometimes when I put my vehicle in reverse I turn the wheel in the wrong direction, thinking I still have my trailer 😆 Glad to know I’m not alone.

21 hours ago

FYI..I have been informed that ALL water slides used in Ohio must have a certified lifeguard on duty. Just passing along the info. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yup that’s why I never bought any with the pools

Who mentioned this to you and what state.

Who’s enforcing it? Although, if something does happen and you don’t have one, you’re guilty. Case over

Tell the inspector you identify as a tree house

I’ve been licensed in Ohio since 2017 and that’s always been the requirements we do splash landings and had drains installed in any others to comply.

I'm an inspector in West Virginia that is a rule in Ohio cannot have standing water without a lifeguard which is the pool do away with the pool at Splash Pad and you're good to go

Yet we can have a dunk tank. Makes total sense.

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1 day ago

Cheap dye from her dress 👗 bled all over our loveseat. What will remove these stains? ... See MoreSee Less

Cheap dye from her dress 👗 bled all over our loveseat. What will remove these stains?

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Sit out in the sun? That works for us in NM with red chile stains.

You can spot test with rubbing alcohol or steam cleaner with powdered tide and hot water.

Game over, spray paint

Better than "brown marks" or "birth marks"

You might try a test spot with Goo Gone. I used it to get dye from a dog chewy out of my carpet.

Same happened to mine , try goo be gone or pink stuff spray .. And now here is mine 😞😞

I meant to comment earlier. Use shout wipes. It’ll come right off with zero damage to your furniture.

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3 days ago

Let me preface this by saying that we don't rent inflatables...

We are doing an event in a park for a client who is renting inflatables from another company. Our client asked about providing generators since this company doesn't have any left. I emailed the inflatable company asking how many watts or amps each blower would need. His reply "Each blower is 20amp each, these are commercial grade inflatables."

Now, I understand they are commercial grade, but an Edison plug (standard outlet) is designed to fail at anything over 15 amps. Plus, it's a fan! How many amps does a fan really need?

Please educate me...
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I believe they're usually around 8amp, but can vary by manufacturer.

A 1 hp is 8-9 A 1 1/2 hp is 10-12 A 2 hp is 13-16

A lot more than you would ever guess, and above is accurate

We try to never use less than 2,500watts per blower, BUT, there are lots of variables.

220, 221...whatever it takes.

Just tell them they have to rent one generator per inflatable. More money for you.

We have 7500 watt generators and can run 4 blowers on them with no problem. 1hp and a couple 1.5’s. I got rid of an old 5500 watt gen that the circuit would trip with 4 blowers.

1 fan per circuit… 4500 watt 2 fans 6500 watt 3 fans 8500 watt 4 fans

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