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Jolly Dolly makes heavy duty dollies, motorized dollies, and winch dollies specifically designed for inflatable operators to make their job easier and provide maximum reliability, durability, and ROI. Our dollies are designed by inflatable operators and are the result of years of design refinements and field testing in our own inflatable company.

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Maximize your ROI with Jolly Dolly

As an inflatable operator, your dolly is your #1 tool. Jolly Dolly maximizes your investment by giving you the most functional, durable, and reliable dollies on the market to get the job done time after time. All of our dollies are proudly fabricated and assembled in the USA with quality workmanship and top of the line components. We stand behind all our products and will advise you on maintenance and troubleshooting.

HD Dolly & Wagon
HD Winch Dolly
Power Plus Motorized Dolly

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HD Dolly & Wagon

The Original Jolly Dolly HD is the gold standard of inflatable dollies. The heavy-duty curved steel frame cradles inflatables to keep them securely in place. The footbrake provides maximum leverage for pull-back. The 2” axle with heavy duty roller bearings is superior to anything on the market, providing a smooth ride and unmatched reliability. The optional wagon attachment turns the dolly into a wagon to take all the weight off your shoulders.

Show Special : $100 OFF with 50% down payment and delivery in Feb-Apr (or take immediate delivery of limited in stock inventory items)

HD Winch Dolly

The HD Winch Dolly outfits our popular HD dolly with a self-contained winching system. It’s like having an extra employee that never lets you down! Use it for rolling heavy inflatables, lifting heavy inflatables up onto the dolly, tilting the dolly back, and any other task requiring heavy pulling. It saves your back and reduces fatigue. The HD Winch Dolly has a 5000-pound winch with controls mounted on the frame as well as a wireless remote control, onboard battery with charger, and a stowable chain for staking to the ground so it won’t move. It’s all self contained and perfectly balanced on the axle.

Show Special : $150 OFF with 50% down payment and delivery in Feb-Apr (or take immediate delivery of limited in stock inventory items)

Power Plus Motorized Dolly

Our motorized dolly does the hard work for you, allowing you to move 800+ pounds over unforgiving terrain and up ramps and hills, all with just a touch of a button. The powerful 36 volt motor powers through thick grass, dirt, gravel, mud, and bumps. The precision thumb throttle and chain drive differential allows maximum maneuverability. The 18 amp-hour batteries last through the longest, toughest days of deliveries and pickups. An onboard charger lets you charge the batteries anywhere with just an extension cord. We build this dolly like a tank and utilize the best electrical components for maximum reliability and durability.

Show Special : $200 OFF with 50% down payment and delivery in Feb-Apr (or take immediate delivery of limited in stock inventory items)

Direct Drive Motorized Dolly (available 2021)

The new direct drive motorized dolly features a heavy duty direct drive transaxle which offers maximum torque with electromagnetic braking to hold hills. The permanent magnet motor with computerized motor controller is the latest in motorized dolly technology. We’re utilizing the most powerful and durable transaxle on the market coupled with the inflatable-friendly features other manufacturers don’t offer such as a wide recessed frame, dual rear swivel wheels, and an available inflatable roller attachment. Follow us on Facebook to see when we introduce this new model.

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