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With the current climate of the Covid pandemic, physical trade shows and events have become impossible to host. This means a staggering loss of business transactions, meetings, and networking opportunities. The only way to continue to do business until the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, is to create virtual opportunities that replace the traditional meeting and events experience.


The traditional party rental industry audience is in a state of flux due to the fact that they no longer can rely on the ability to show and sell their wares to their customer base. From tent rental companies to bouncy houses to water slides, these companies need to get their orders in and show their latest and greatest items to the market.


To build a virtual representation of the traditional physical trade show environment.

To build in elements of education, networking, and fun, and allow a level of business transactions that without these tent-pole events, would no longer exist.

To deliver an overall experience that continues to grow this industry and allows small and medium sized businesses to continue operating despite the hurdles that Covid has presented to our world.


  • Provide a platform for Manufacturers to BUILD THEIR BRAND.
  • Have over 11,000 members as customers to buy your products.
  • To get orders from the industry so you can better plan your MANUFACTURING FOR 2021
  • Way more cost effective way to get your products in front of over 11,000 industry members.
Coca Cola Profile

Coca Cola Profile

Coca Cola is the most recognisable brand in the world today. Coca-Cola released its 2018 annual report in Feb. 2019. The beverage distributor and manufacturer reported net operating revenues of nearly $31.9 billion for the year 2018. In 2018, the company spent $US4.11 billion on advertising.

Case Study: Coca-Cola Spent $US4.24B In Advertising In 2019, With Profits Up 8%

Event Professionals Alliance GROUP MEMBERS

Provide a platform for members of the Event Professionals Alliance group to place orders from reputable companies in the event rental industry.

Have quality vendors to buy their new equipment from for 2021

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